Nosey came by boat from Thailand through a terrible storm. Children, desperately wanting an elephant for their zoo, raised money to purchase her. Upon arrival, she led a parade down Main Street. Once she ran away and keepers had to chase her. At the end of the parade she wouldn't get in the truck for the ride to the zoo so hundreds of people walked with her. She rewarded them with sprays of water.
Nosey prepares for a big move to a beautiful, new home. She is terrified as a huge circus elephant, a tractor, and keepers walk with her along the wild side. She cries "Goodbye" to her friends Clyde, the camel, and Mr. Rooster. Her old friends cheer as she passes by. Something is missing in her new home until the zookeeper remembers and runs back for it.
Longo, a handsome male Masai giraffe, met Fresnella and Skyla and fell in love. Unfortunately, his back legs were in a lot pain. To fix it, he had to wear specially made high heeled horse (giraffe) shoes and he turned red with embarrassment. Soon he felt better and began to chase the females. This led to a happy ending.
Azak, the orangutan, was worked with every day for 22 months. Azak learned her colors, shapes, capital and lower case letters. Azak could put letters in order to ask for hugs, bananas, or juice. But when things didn’t go her way, she would throw a big temper tantrum, then come running back for a bug slurpy kiss.
Bubbles, the hippo, came to the zoo from Africa when she was one year old. Lonely, a second hippo arrived on Valentine's Day and it was love at first sight. Bubbles and Bulgy had 17 babies while at the zoo. Bulgy was so big that bars were built to separate him from the newborn baby hippos for safety. But that didn't stop the baby from swimming between the bars for big hippo kisses from big Daddy. Hippo babies are born under water and POP up for air.
Bosco the Chimp was a zoo favorite and knew how to draw an audience with his hooting and banging. The crowds loved his crazy hijinx, but he often drove the zookeepers to distraction with his antics!